Godek is an Indonesian artist, Godek started to doodle early in life. For Godek, art is a way to enunciate any issue, expression or moment. Godek paints fables, through his use of animal symbolism to depict human hypocrisy, inspired also from human activities ( especially Indonesia activity) which is full of tradition, natural resources and culture

Here they are Godek's new collection with title full moon, Bali temple and boat.


  • 2021

    "Discover the Undiscover", MayinArt Show,American Club Singapore

  • 2020

    "Ataraxia", MayinArt Show, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

  • 2018

    “Kepak-kepak Sayap,” Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

  • 2017

    “Colourful Indonesia,” Hadiprana Galeri, Jakarta

  • “Bagesy Art Carnival,” Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta

  • 2016

    “Move Art #2,” Tahun Mas Art Room, Yogyakarta

  • 2015

    “Borobudur Today,” Limanjawi Art House, Magelang

  • 2014

    “Revolusi Mental,” Galeri 678, Jakarta

  • 2013

    “Sang Dalang,” Galeri Hadiprana, Jakarta

  • 2012

    “Dari Jogja untuk Indonesia,” Hotel Purosani, Yogyakarta

  • 2011

    “Kolaborasi Cina Jawa,” DKS Gallery, Surabaya

  • 2010

    “Universal Art Language,” Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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