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Bali carnival in November 2015 to be held in Kuta

'Indonesia, Truly Asia' really lives up to its expectations; with its richness in culture and a flamboyant style to go with it. It is now The Destination to go for with its picturesque white sandy beaches and top-notch resorts that provide all customers, from local and abroad, the best of the best. Indonesia not only carries a rich culture but also has the flair to show it off. They host the most amazing carnivals and festivals there is to see. With their wide range of cultural festivities, they become the hub for social and especially internationally interaction. These competitions attract people from far and wide. and one of the most recent events being hosted by Indonesia is in Kuta, Bali, known as the "Kuta Karnival - A Celebration of life" which is held in Kuta, a sub-district of located in the south of Bali. Bali has been a tourist attraction since the 1970s and especially Kuta because of its white sandy beaches, which majorly attracts professional surfers from all around. Kuta Beach is also famously known as Sunset Beach. This week long carnival is held annually in Bali mostly in the month of October. This time around the dates has been extended to November making Bali the home of hundreds of tourists. Kuta Karnival (written with a 'k' instead of 'c') is built upon the themes of Tri Hata Karana, which captures the concept of the Bali people of preserving peace and equality throughout. The balance between human and human, human and nature, and also God and human. It shows the true spirit of local community despite all odds. The Cultural Parade and the competitions are evidence of the endorsement of the Tri Hata Karana. The carnival is started off with an Opening Ceremony, and mainly the events are all held on or near the beach. After the Ceremony, Doves and Turtles are released to depict the official commencement of all festivities. Following it many competitions are held in great sportsman spirit, more for joy than for victory. Major Competitions include Paddle for Peace, Junior Beach Soccer Championships, and many more that change each year. Surfing is an essential part of this festival, as a lot of professional surfers mostly come to Bali, they get to show off their skills to a larger crowd at this carnival. Countless other activities are also held like Balinese Sunset Dancing and Kite Festivals. Moreover, to showcase the True essence of their culture they also hold Photo Exhibitions and Cultural Parade that are always a delight to set eyes on. Accompanied by music and food everywhere, Tourists and locals equally take pleasure in the days of this festival. Forget their cares and live the happier life with the help of the celebrations.

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