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The two schools of paintings (ISI) Indonesian institutes of the arts(Yogyakarta and Denpasar)

Indonesia has been a hub of culture and art combined since its advent. The ethos of the nation and the people revolves around their art, which encompasses all, music, dance, drama, puppetry and even visual arts. and Indonesia is now known for its massive uniqueness of art and great portrayal of traditions in their festivals and cultural holidays. For these reasons, the state has now taken into account its impact on the image of the nation and also taken up the responsibility to uphold these traditions by educating their children of the traditional arts. The state now manages and looks after the top two Arts Institutions known as "Institut Seni Indonesia" and abbreviated as ISI. One school is in Denpasar and one in Yogyakarta, thus the subsequent names, ISI Denpasar and ISI Yogyakarta. Although both schools are separate entities but are very similar in their work. They both focus on the traditional arts so that they may not be forgotten. They both offer courses and diplomas in the fields of dance, drama, music, fine arts and media arts. Faculties of both institutions have been combined from old schools of dance and art, that were established decades before; thus the experience speaks volumes. While the ISI Yogyakarta institute has been on the wheels way before ISI Denpasar, thus it now has a larger faculty and a larger campus of the 1,500-meter square. They enroll 2000 students at a time and can manage them quite well with their three schools of Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Recorded Media Arts, and their eleven departments, all subdivided under the tree of these three schools. Not only do they offer courses and diplomas but also a renowned undergraduate, graduate and Doctor's Degrees. Degrees like these are likely to attract international students and ISI Yogyakarta has many to be proud of. On the other hand, ISI Denpasar is not far behind. They have great programs in collaboration with their Faculty of Art and Design and Faculty of Performing Arts, like dance, music, puppetry, photography, art kawitan and also puppetry.

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