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Our mission is to provide maximum enjoyment during your selection and evaluation. The talent and creativity of our Asian painters will be revealed during this discovery process. Our 4 galleries are unique in Bali ! We offer original art work over than 30 artists . Every paintings from our collection is supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
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Asian Artists on Art Democracy: Making Original Art more Accessible

Asian art is a vast space that is full of converse and fascinating cultures. The history of Asian painting is cluttered. It began in motion some 40,000 years ago. Since then, Asian art has been classified into specific time frames, each reflecting specific religion, political views and social & cultural developments. Today Asian artists have reached beyond the basics.The artist today creates a palette of art from the influences of the surroundings. Art democracy enables the Asian artist to access the art and bring it to the homes.
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Paintings: An Ideal Gift Idea

This year, pick a gift which stays with your beloved for years. We live in a world of art… where art is redefined by each individual. Gifting something which escalates their identity. Awarding your near and dear with a piece of painting sounds pristine ideal. It is overwhelming to select from massive collections of paintings that would be a perfect piece for your place. We’ve put together a few hints to help you plan.
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The Importance of Paintings in your Interior Design

Nothing shapes a house like home than a beguile paint art! It embodies an additional personalized look to your home décor. Painting annexes the interior with a visual art and culture of the house. Fostering a piece of art in the home is one of the most significant settlements. Which painting will compliment the theme of the house, where to place that outstanding art piece? What would others fetch from this painting and what not.
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