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Nationality Indonesia
Date of Birth September 26,1978(Bali)
Artistic Activity Professional
Level Mid-Career Artists
Type of works Acrylic on canvas


Yudhi Mahendra. Born in Kuta Bali, Indonesia, September 26, 1978. During his childhood and adulthood, many cultural movements made his character dominated by bold textures and colors.

Starting from street vandalism (graffiti) using mixed media on all public-owned surfaces and then being trusted by several bar owners, hip-hop bands to make poster designs, covers to merchandise with street art characteristics, the urban art spirit is also expressed in the form of hip-hop music and was signed by an Indonesian major label as the first hip-hop group from Bali to finally return to painting. using YOOD's alter ego as an art signature, his works have been included in many modern art exhibitions in several cities in Indonesia.
Exhibitions :
  • “age exhibition “ edwin gallery, Jakarta.
  • “mural sama-sama” mural exhibition, Yogjakarta
  • “fringers art” toi moi gallery, jakarta.
  • “urban art fest” karnaval ancol, Jakarta
  • “Finding me” Semarang gallery, Semarang
  • “A(RT)dorable” international painting, bali
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