Saint Julia

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Saint Julia

Nationality Russia
Artistic Activity
Level Mid-Career Artists
Type of works Acrylic On Canvas

The artist who uses the experiment in everything. She helps people to see beauty in the present and openly demonstrate it. Her monologue is about refusal of trade market relations, because she pays her dues with art. Its her currency. Her works are displayed on the highest platform in Moscow, and all Russia spoke about her political performance.

2014-2019-"Self-knowledge"series of works
2018-Personal exhibition with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the National Park of Zalessky
2018-Created more than 100 sketches on plein -air trips Spain-Italy
2018-2020-held more than 200 educational art master classes in Russia
2019-Created and implemented an artwork on a wall in Afi mall shopping center, together with another artist by the name Tito
2019-Created paintings for Margarita Morozova mansiono Smolensk boulevard
2020-Drew a series "On the edge of abstraction " for "Basic" creative space
2020-Personal exhibition in "Basic" creative space
2020-Created the brightest political performance "in the name of choice "under the guidance of producer Alexei Mokrov
2020-"Tothepresent" the personal exhibition on which Diptych's "Man and Society"was displayed in Belka gallery on Petrovkast,Moscow.
2020-Perfomance with Artist Maria Makos with the support of Belka gallery
2020-Performance"Freedom without frames "in the Surspace,Moscow
2020-A series of abstract works for a hotel located in the highest tower in Moscow
2020-Collaboration with "I am Studio" brend.
2020-Perfomance with a dancer Maria Min the artist's workshop
2020-Collaboration with the famoust russian singer Zivert.
2020-Performance "Heart of Bali" Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

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