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Name Jakrit
Date of Birth July 12th, 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand
nationality Thai
Education (2001 - 2004) BFA (Printmaking), Faculty of Fine Arts King Mongkut's University of Technology, Ladkrabang (KMITL) Bangkok, Thailand
(1999 - 2000) Diploma in Thai Arts, College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, Thailand
(1996 - 1998) Diploma in Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, Thailand

I was born in July 1980, Bangkok, Thailand. Listening to my grandmother's naughty jokes instead of bed time stories and sing along with her every night is how I was raised. It may sound different from others' childhood but that's why I am what I am today. The facetious and playful attitudes is in my bone since then. They have been represented through my art works consequently.

When I turned into youth, I decided to attend an art school named Fine Arts College, Bangkok, Thailand (Wittayalai Chang Silp) according to my father's guidance. That is my turning point. In that day I studied diploma Thai Arts and BFA in Printmaking Major and this has been convey to my today's style of drawing line pretty much.

Nowadays, I work as A senior Image Composer (Retouch) for FHM Thailand, a well-known men's lifestyle magazine. Living my life as a salary man does not fulfill my dream anymore. That is why I decided to start working as freelance artist.

So now you can call me a 'full time' artist, in addition to what all my mind is dedicated to.

Artist Statement I represent my characteristic through the extraordinary portraits in my painting. Creating by combining each distinctive point of my face with many kinds of animal. The uncommon facial parts may be some kind of animal, it is not anything reasonable. Featured them with ethnic style of line and bold colors to make it more unique and fun. Absolutely, it does catch audience's attention and entertains them in the same time by its playful attitude.

Solo Exhibitions :
  • "Nonsense Memmoirs #2", Hlung Raak Bar, Bangkok, Thailand
  • "Nonsense Memmoirs", Hlung Raak Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

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